Cloudify for #CloudStack at #CCNA14


We had a great few days at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Denver.  Great sessions, awesome crowd and good vibes.

Team Cloudify's Uri Cohen and Yaron Parasol had the chance to speak three times at the event, talking orchestration, automation and TOSCA for CloudStack. Check out the slides below:

It’s the App, Stupid! Orchestration, Automation, Scaling & What’s in Between by Uri Cohen

Application Centric DevOps: A Real Life Case Study by Uri Cohen

Introduction to TOSCA by Yaron Parasol

Cloudify Unifies Cloud Automation & Orchestration - An Analyst Report

See what the analysts are saying about Cloudify in this recent report by Gary MacFadden, Principal Research Analyst at the Robert Frances Group.

"A framework and approach that touches all the Cloud layers unifying the Cloud stack while simultaneously simplifying DevOps is a compelling combination of capabilities.”

Application owners eager to leverage the Cloud in order to realize faster time to business value are challenging their technology partners and IT organizations to be more agile, leaner and quicker to market. The time and resources needed to support the infrastructure for this new Cloud-based application delivery paradigm is why AWS and other so-called Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers have become so popular and profitable….

For those organizations responsible for supporting their own mission-critical applications and quickly bringing them to market, whether hosted privately, publicly or via a hybrid approach, a new more innovative approach is necessary. This need for speed to business value while maintaining control of a stable, repeatable deployment environment is the essence of Cloudify.

Check out the full report to read more.

Application-Centric #DevOps with #Cloudify - slides now available

Check out slides from last week’s talk with the San Francisco DevOps meetup group. Cloudify’s DeWayne Filppi discussed an application-centric approach to DevOps to a packed house!

An Application Centric Approach to Devops from dfilppi

Cloudify and Citrix’s New Cloud Platform 4.3

Citrix released their CloudPlatform 4.3 this week, their CloudStack-based cloud infrastructure orchestration and provisioning platform.

Cloudify partnered with CloudPlatform, and is now Citrix Ready, to provide CloudPlatform users a simple tool with which to deploy, monitor, heal and scale their complex applications by automating their processes in the cloud.

The combined solution now makes it possible for CloudPlatform users to build a hybrid cloud between CloudStack and other clouds for the purpose of cloud-bursting, business continuity and disaster recovery. This means that CloudPlatform users can extend their Cloudify deployments to other environments, including high performance environments, such as bare-metal and even non-virtualized environments.

With this integration, users are also able to facilitate DevOps processes, as PaddyPower have, to speed up their development and deployment cycle. PaddyPower went through a complete cycle of moving into agile development as well as transforming their infrastructure into a cloud-based infrastructure based on CloudStack.  They did this by using Cloudify and Chef to run their DevOps automation and continuous delivery on top of CloudStack.

For Cloudify users this means the very same applications can run on Cloudstack, while still maintaining all of the automation of post-deployment processes including auto-healing, auto-scaling, and more.

Learn more about Cloud Platform 4.3 here.

Lots of #DevOps Goodness Coming Up…Don’t miss out!

We have three DevOps meetups coast to coast in the US and in Tel Aviv that will be extra super awesome with special sauce, so join us - wherever you are.

San Francisco DevOps  Meetup: Beyond Infrastructure - Orchestrating the Entire Stack

March 25th | 7:00 PM | Pager Duty, 501 2nd Street, Suite 100, San Francisco

When thinking about automation and orchestration most people have tools like CloudFormation, Chef or Puppet in mind. These tools do a great job at allocating infrastructure resources and configuring them. But in reality, when deploying and managing complete application stacks, there’s much more to it.In this session we’ll discuss what it takes to orchestrate and automate your applications through the entire lifecycle, and without losing control.


Joint Meetup with Docker Tel Aviv: Linux Containers and the Future of Cloud 

March 26th | 6:00PM | Klarna, Yigal Alon 98, 13th Floor, Tel Aviv 

Lightweight process virtualization technology exists in Linux and other operating systems for many years. It has matured significantly in the recent year, and Linux containers, the topic of this lecture, are based on virtualized lightweight processes.

This lecture will discuss the Linux kernel infrastructure for Linux containers as well as several interesting user space projects which use this technology.


The DevOps PaaS Infusion: Deep Dive into Cloud Foundry PaaS

April 10th | 7:00 PM | Work Bench, 110 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor, NY

Cloud Foundry is a Platform as a Service system that features a range of components which provide a faster and easier way to build, test, deploy and scale applications.


IT departments and hosting providers are increasingly adopting Platform as a Service in response to developer demand.

At this meetup, we’ll walk you through the most important elements and capabilities that make Cloud Foundry a first class citizen PaaS.


Cloudifying High Availability on #OpenStack

Cloudify’s Ali Hodroj gave a great talk at last night’s OpenStack NY meetup, talking about high availability and disaster recovery on OpenStack with Cloudify.

Check out the slides from Ali’s presentation:

Application-level Disaster Recovery on OpenStack from Ali Hodroj
Find more information on Cloudify at

#OpenStack Summit 2014 Voting is Officially Live!


It’s that time of year again folks - the OpenStack Summit 2014 is coming, and community voting on content for the event has officially opened.

Below are the links to vote on the Cloudify team’s submissions, feel free to vote on those you’d like to hear most.

You need to register for an OpenStack account, which you can do here, if you don’t already have one.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Deployment Automation on #OpenStack with #TOSCA and Cloudify

In case you missed the OpenStack Online Meetup tonight with Uri Cohen, and Nati Shalom Deployment Automation on OpenStack with TOSCA and Cloudify”below are the slides, and the recording.

Don’t miss the upcoming OpenStack Public Training as well - to learn about all things OpenStack with Florian Haas of hastexo!

Deployment Automation on OpenStack with TOSCA and Cloudify from cloudifysource
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